It’s a New Year. First Pedestrian struck on LaSalle Blvd.

Well, it won’t be announced with quite the same enthusiasm as the first baby born in Sudbury in 2018, but the police have reported that the first collision with a pedestrian of the year has occurred. It occurred at some point before 3:48pm on January 4, 2018 on LaSalle Blvd, near Somers Street. Judging by… Continue reading It’s a New Year. First Pedestrian struck on LaSalle Blvd.

2017 Pedestrian Safety Recap

2017 was a big year for pedestrians and cyclists in Sudbury. The city installed a bunch of new pedestrian crossovers, initiated a leading pedestrian interval at Kathleen and Notre Dame, and the new active transportation coordinator started getting some serious results as far as infrastructure improvements including new, and improved, cycling infrastructure on Paris Street.… Continue reading 2017 Pedestrian Safety Recap

Far From Random

After investigating data related to collisions with pedestrians in 2015¬†staff from the City of Greater Sudbury’s Roads Department concluded, “Due to the random nature of collisions, there is no one measure that could be implemented which would eliminate all pedestrian collisions.”¬†How terrifying would it be if this was true? From 2009 to 2016 the Greater… Continue reading Far From Random

8 Years of Drivers Hitting Pedestrians in Sudbury

Picture yourself at one of the busiest intersections in the City of Greater Sudbury. The Elm/Notre Dame/Lloyd/Paris intersection sounds complicated, but it’s really just two streets that cross each other and change names on the other side. This is where the five lanes of Elm/Lloyd and the seven lanes of Paris/Notre Dame meet. The distance… Continue reading 8 Years of Drivers Hitting Pedestrians in Sudbury