2017 Pedestrian Safety Recap

2017 was a big year for pedestrians and cyclists in Sudbury. The city installed a bunch of new pedestrian crossovers, initiated a leading pedestrian interval at Kathleen and Notre Dame, and the new active transportation coordinator started getting some serious results as far as infrastructure improvements including new, and improved, cycling infrastructure on Paris Street.… Continue reading 2017 Pedestrian Safety Recap

Car-makers Blaming Pedestrians, Again?

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) wants the world to know about the hazards of distracted walking. Distracted walking is, of course, walking while using a cell phone, or listening to music, or talking to a friend, or walking a dog, or┬ádoing anything that might reduce your ability┬áto avoid walking into something, or tripping… Continue reading Car-makers Blaming Pedestrians, Again?