It’s a New Year. First Pedestrian struck on LaSalle Blvd.

Well, it won’t be announced with quite the same enthusiasm as the first baby born in Sudbury in 2018, but the police have reported that the first collision with a pedestrian of the year has occurred. It occurred at some point before 3:48pm on January 4, 2018 on LaSalle Blvd, near Somers Street. Judging by… Continue reading It’s a New Year. First Pedestrian struck on LaSalle Blvd.

2017 Pedestrian Safety Recap

2017 was a big year for pedestrians and cyclists in Sudbury. The city installed a bunch of new pedestrian crossovers, initiated a leading pedestrian interval at Kathleen and Notre Dame, and the new active transportation coordinator started getting some serious results as far as infrastructure improvements including new, and improved, cycling infrastructure on Paris Street.… Continue reading 2017 Pedestrian Safety Recap

Making Sense of Sudbury’s Collision Stats (guest post)

Sudbury is a university town, and it’s often called a great place to raise a family, but a recent report says drivers hit people aged 15-24 more often than any other age group in the city. In this guest post Ernst Gerhardt looks at the troubling statistics and critiques the city’s approach to solving this problem.… Continue reading Making Sense of Sudbury’s Collision Stats (guest post)

Please Press For Service

We’re seeing more pedestrian push-buttons installed in Sudbury, but what happens if they break? And who benefits from these buttons anyway? A “Pedestrian-actuated signal” is a signal that only changes if you press a button. This is similar to the “vehicle actuated signal”, which only changes when a vehicle approaches an intersection and triggers a sensor… Continue reading Please Press For Service

Car-makers Blaming Pedestrians, Again?

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) wants the world to know about the hazards of distracted walking. Distracted walking is, of course, walking while using a cell phone, or listening to music, or talking to a friend, or walking a dog, or doing anything that might reduce your ability to avoid walking into something, or tripping… Continue reading Car-makers Blaming Pedestrians, Again?