Lorne Street CAN Update

LORNE STREET – At last night’s Ward 1 Community Action Network meeting Councillor Mark Signoretti let us know that city staff are working to find a way to incorporate cycling infrastructure into the rebuilt Lorne St.
However, his comments were not encouraging. He repeated staff’s claim that bike lanes on the north side of Lorne would be difficult to do because of the number of driveways on that side of the road and said that staff are thinking about lane markings on Martindale and Ontario street.
So it sounds like staff haven’t been convinced bike lanes are required to make Lorne Street a safe route for people on bikes.
If you’d like to help knock on doors and visit businesses on Lorne to demonstrate support for bike lanes, please send get in touch.
I’ll also set up an online petition soon, and you can always send your Councillor an email at any time.

7 thoughts on “Lorne Street CAN Update

  1. Two-sided bike lanes are never a good idea, especially if they are “separated” as another sidewalk. Widening the road with painted lines to share the same paved area is a much better idea. I went to an open house last month at the Deli Dozzi centre. I got the impression that on one side they had a line, the other side of Lorne would be a “raised path”. I am not sure if this was the plan, but it appears to me that there was one idea and it is not changing. In other words, same old same old, they will plan another unusable bike lane.


    1. The plans shown at the meeting had a sign and showed a cyclist sharing the lane with a vehicle on one side. The other side is not proposed to be a raised path, just a paved shoulder with a rumble strip separating it from the vehicle lane.

      I disagree that “two-sided bike lanes are never a good idea”, but I agree that keeping the bike lanes on the same level as the roadway would be fine provided there are bollards or some other physical separation from vehicles.

      But still, those are good comments and I hope you send your thoughts to your Councillor and city staff. Their contact information is on the notice of the meeting: http://greatersudbury.ca/sudburyen/assets/File/Lorne%20and%20Gutcher%20PIC%20Notice%20-%20FINAL_EN.pdf


  2. Widening Lorne will encourage speeding and that will increase the hazard for cyclists. The car lanes should stay the same width and that space that would be part of the south side bike lane should be used to build two bike lanes, one for each direction. I’m not a fan of dual lanes on the same side of the street but I’d rather have that than no lanes at all.


  3. “He repeated staff’s claim that bike lanes on the north side of Lorne would be difficult to do because of the number of driveways on that side of the road…”

    Clearly no other community has this same challenge. Are staff not looking at best practices in other cities?? I don’t understand why they think our infrastructure is so different. City staff should get on their bike and drive on some of these roads. Better yet, take their children with them for a bike ride down Lorne Street and see how safe they think it is.


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